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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Technology Integration ... Thoughts

I think that after the past 11 weeks, this experience has only reaffirmed my beliefs about Technology Integration.  I work in an office environment where for years I have seen people struggle with the idea of technology (we are an island of digital immigrants).  I have always thought the time and energy to resist the technology is so much more consuming then just acquiescing to the new tool.  This class has taking the kernel of my beliefs and they have blossomed into endless potential.  In doing the web quest, the one thing I thought was what a productive tool.  You could prepare lesson plans that could be used when you need to take a day off or it would help combat the time lost that is caused by snow days.  Technology is a powerful resource and can be utilized to cover complex lesson plans, communicate more efficiently with students with special needs and enable you to reach out to your ESL students.  This class has definitely opened Pandora’s box for me.  The seed has been planted so when I go further into my education program and I am preparing lesson plans, I will be thinking of ways to add technology to the mix.  The book and class discussions complemented each other and reinforced what we were learning.  I read mostly the entire book and it is a great resource and I will be keeping it for reference.

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