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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Equal Access Blog

Providing equal access to the digital world to all learners means giving all students fair ground to access it.  As a teacher that would mean designing your lesson plan with technology that can be accessible to all students.  There are many free resources available on the internet and I would incorporate them in to the lesson plan.  Also, if students do not have their own computers, I would schedule computer time within the classroom time or check with the school library to see when they have an open computer lab.  It would also make sense to contact the local city library and see what their resources are as well.  Technology nowadays is far cheaper and far more easier to access then just five years ago so family financial issues should not impact the access.  Also, I would encourage students not to print out assignments but to communicate them to me electronically.  I can remember the introduction of email to the office and the need to always print every email to read it.  Thankfully, with the evolution of technology and the idea of going green, having a printer is not as necessary as it was.  The need to move technology into the lesson plans is because it is a road map to the future.  If we are going to teach our students to survive in the future, understanding technology will be an integral component of their future success.  As a teacher, your students reaching their intended goals and accomplish objectives in the indicator if technology is enhancing learning.


  1. Great idea about the library...didn't think about that. Key would be to make sure they knew how to use it properly first--do they have classes or tutorials at the libraries? Would be a good suggestion! "Free" is always good :)

  2. I think you have some great points! I agree that having students submit their assignments electronically may be the best way. Especially since that is how most assignments will be submitted once students enter the professional world. I have one question though, do you feel that parents should also be responsible for providing access to the digital world?

  3. I totally agree that technology needs to be integrated into lesson plans because it is a road map to the future. I love the idea of submitting assignments electronically too.